Ember Benson

February's Swimmer of the Month

Ember Benson

Ember Benson has been swimming with RIO since February of 2012. She has progressed from Advanced Stroke all the way up to Junior 2 and is now ready to take the next step and become a Bronze swimmer with RIO's Competitive Team.

Coach Bob says, "As a coach, Ember is everything I want to see in a swimmer. She's talented AND she works so hard to get the most out of that talent. She is always smiling and having fun at practice, but that never gets in the way of her working hard and improving each day. I am so proud of the improvement she has made and so excited about her future in swimming."

Q&A with Ember Benson:

Favorite Stroke: Duh, Breaststroke!

One superpower you wish you had: To make farts visible!

Favorite part of swimming for RIO: The coaches!