Summer 2013 Age Group State – Top 16 Finishes

Congratulations to the RIO Age Group State Team for a 7th place team finish in the State Championship Meet! Everyone should be congratulated on weathering a very long weekend (longest State Meet ever) with all sorts of weather conditions to deal with. When the meet came to a close RIO had 2 State Champions, 4 new RIO Team Records (individual and 2 relays), 3 Northwestern Sectional cuts and numerous best times. Shea Burcham (11-12 Girls 100m Backstroke), and Joe Nicholls (13-14 Boys 200m Butterfly), each won their event and were crowned 2013 LC State Champions! Ben Quon broke his own 11-12 400m IM team record and broke his brother’s (Nick Quon) 11-12 200m Backstroke team record. Ben teamed up with Landon Driggers, Cristian Alvarado and James Nicholls to break the 12 & Under Boys 400m Freestyle Relay team record. Together, Maddie Seidl, Shelby Gertson, Madeleine Ramos and Naomi Vaughn broke the 13-14 Girls 800m Freestyle Relay team record. Maddie Seidl achieved a new Northwestern Sectional cut in the 200m Breaststroke and improved on her 200m Butterfly Sectional cut. Joe Nicholls improved on his 200m Butterfly Northwestern Sectional cut on the way to becoming State Champion in the 200m Butterfly.

Top 16 Finishes at 2013 Age Group State Championships

10 & Under 400m Freestyle:
James Nicholls – 12th
Anthony Ramos – 16th

11-12 1500m Freestyle:
Shea Burcham – 7th
Kalli Fama – 9th
Melanie Wilson – 10th
Madison Desroches – 12th
Landon Driggers – 7th

13-14 1500m Freestyle:
Daniel Miovcic – 14th
Jeremy Lacsa – 15th
Joe Nicholls – 16th

11-12 200m Freestyle:
Kalli Fama – 8th

10 & Under 200m Freestyle:
Ben Hill – 9th
James Nicholls – 10th
Anthony Ramos – 15th

11-12 50m Butterfly:
Cristian Alvarado – 14th

10 & Under 50m Butterfly:
Ben Hill – 16th

13-14 100m Backstroke:
Jeremy Lacsa – 6th

11-12 100m Backstroke:
Shea Burcham – 1st
Kalli Fama – 5th
Ben Quon – 3rd
Landon Driggers – 11th

13-14 200m Breaststroke:
Maddie Seidl – 4th NW Sectional Cut

10 & Under 100m Freestyle:
James Nicholls – 15th

13-14 100m Freestyle:
Naomi Vaughn – 14th

11-12 400m IM:
Shea Burcham – 4th
Ben Quon – 2nd *TEAM RECORD*
Landon Driggers – 7th

13-14 400m IM:
Maddie Seidl – 11th
Joe Nicholls – 5th
Jeremy Lacsa – 11th

11-12 400m Freestyle Relay:
Burcham, Khoo, Wilson, Fama – 5th
B. Quon, Driggers, Ja. Nicholls, Alvarado – 6th *TEAM RECORD*

13-14 400m Freestyle Relay:
Vaughn, M. Ramos, Gertson, Seidl – 7th
Miovcic, Lacsa, Rawlinson, Jo. Nicholls – 6th
T. Graunke, L. O’Brien, Foreman, C. O’Brien – 15th

10 & Under 200m Medley Relay:
Ja. Nicholls, Kempiak, Hill, A. Ramos – 8th

12 & Under Medley Relay:
Fama, Burcham, Khoo, Desroches – 4th
B. Quon, Alvarado, Driggers, M. Qian – 7th

13-14 200m Medley Relay:
White, Gertson, Vaughn, Seidl – 10th
Brown, Watts, Becraft, M. Ramos – 15th
Lacsa, L. O’Brien, Miovcic, Jo. Nicholls – 8th
T. Graunke, C. O’Brien, Rawlinson, Foreman – 16th

10 & Under 200m IM:
James Nichools – 12th

11-12 200m IM:
Shea Burcham – 5th
Kalli Fama – 6th
Madison Desroches – 11th
Landon Driggers – 6th

13-14 200m IM:
Maddie Seidl – 16th
Joe Nicholls – 7th
Jeremy Lacsa – 11th

11-12 50m Backstroke:
Shea Burcham – 2nd
Kalli Fama – 10th

13-14 200m Butterfly:
Maddie Seidl – 3rd NW Sectional Cut
Naomi Vaughn – 5th
Shelby Gertson – 14th
Joe Nicholls – 1st NW Sectional Cut
Daniel Miovcic – 5th
Brian Rawlinson – 9th

11-12 200m Butterfly:
Ben Quon – 5th

10 & Under 50m Breaststroke:
Ben Hill – 12th

11-12 50m Breaststroke:
Madison Desroches – 7th
Ankita Puri – 10th

11-12 400m Freestyle:
Melanie Wilson – 13th
Ben Quon – 4th

13-14 800m Freestyle Relay:
Seidl, Gertson, M. Ramos, Vaughn – 7th *Team Record*
Becraft, Brown, Rockwell, White – 16th
Jo. Nicholls, Miovcic, Rawlinson, Lacsa – 7th
T. Graunke, C. O’Brien, Foreman, L. O’Brien – 14th

10 & Under 200m Freestyle Relay:
Ja. Nicholls, Hill, Kempiak, A. Ramos – 6th

12 & Under 200m Freestyle Relay:
Burcham, Fama, Desroches, Khoo – 8th
B. Quon, Driggers, M. Qian, Alvarado – 8th

13-14 200m Freestyle Relay:
Seidl, Vaughn, Gertson, M. Ramos – 8th
Brown, Becraft, Watts, White – 13th
Rawlinson, Jo. Nicholls, Miovcic, Lacsa – 9th
T. Graunke, L. O’Brien, C. O’Brien, Foreman – 16th

13-14 100m Breaststroke:
Maddie Seidl – 6th

11-12 100m Breaststroke:
Madison Desroches – 9th

10 & Under 100m Breaststroke:
James Nicholls – 3rd

13-14 200m Backstroke:
Joe Nicholls – 7th

11-12 200m Backstroke:
Shea Burcham – 2nd
Kalli Fama – 9th
Ben Quon – 2nd
Landon Driggers – 6th

10 & Under 100m Butterfly:
James Nicholls – 16th

11-12 100m Butterfly:
Ben Quon – 6th

13-14 100m Butterfly:
Maddie Seidl – 5th
Naomi Vaughn – 6th
Joe Nicholls – 9th
Daniel Miovcic – 14th
Brian Rawlinson – 15th

11-12 800m Freestyle:
Melanie Wilson – 10th
Landon Driggers – 10th

13-14 800m Freestyle:
Daniel Miovcic – 13th

12 & Under 400m Medley Relay:
Burcham, Desroches, Fama, Khoo – 4th
Driggers, Ja. Nicholls, B. Quon, Alvarado – 5th
M. Qian, Kempiak, Hill, A. Ramos – 16th

13-14 400m Medley Relay:
White, Seidl, Vaughn, Gertson – 8th
Brown, M. Ramos, Becraft, Watts – 14th
Lacsa, L. O’Brien, Jo. Nicholls, Miovcic – 5th
T. Graunke, C. O’Brien, Rawlinson, Foreman – 12th


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