Summer 2013 Senior State – Recap

2013 Long Course Senior State Championships

RIO’s Senior squad (ages 15+) competed July 5th-8th at Phoenix Swim Club in the Senior State Championships.  With a tremendous effort from the entire team during the long hot weekend, RIO came away with a 4th place team finish.

The Senior team came away with multiple best times, top 24 finals swims, and NW Sectional qualifying times. Many swimmers also got their first experience swimming in finals and competing on relays at the championship level.

Of particular note: Emily Bley and Zach Posniack both were victorious in winning the 1500m Freestyle; The 800m Freestyle relay team of Dieter Benz, Adriel Huerta, Alex Martinez and Trey Roggenstein broke a four year old team
record by over 4.5 seconds; graduating senior Justin Tran finished 2
nd overall in the high point rankings in his last ever competitive meet for RIO; brand new NW Sectional cuts were achieved by Emily Bley (4 Sectional Cuts), Joe Park (3 Sectional cuts), Maren Rincon (1 Sectional cut), Cameron Clark (1 Sectional cut), Sammy Kreiser (1 Sectional cut), and Nick Quon (1 Sectional cut).

Listed below are the top 24 finishes. Congratulations to all on a HEROIC TEAM effort!
– Top 3 Finishes in Italics – 

Women’s 1500m Freestyle:
Emily Bley 1st *NW Sectional Cut*
Alexa Rotert 6th
Lauren McWilliams 10th
Kendra Wiebers 14th

Men’s 800m Freestyle:
Zach Posniack 6th *NW Sectional Cut*

200m Freestyle Relay:
Grijalva, Halle, Bley, Rincon 18th
Franco, Wiebers, Rotert, McWilliams 22nd
Huerta, Benz, Ripley, Held 7th
Quattrocchi, Tran, Posniack, Eshima 18th

200m Medley Relay:
Halle, Richardson, Holly, Rincon 6th
Bley, Grijalva, Kreiser, Wilson 14th
Sandlin, Reynolds, Hart, Franco 23rd
Ripley, Tran, Huerta, Benz 8th
Clark, Roggenstein, Martinez, Held 9th
Quon, Park, Halle, Handly 18th
Posniack, Qian, Gorman, Quattrocchi 21st

200m Breaststroke:
Raevin Richardson 6th *NW Sectional Cut*
Ashley Grijalva 7th *NW Sectional Cut*
Maria Reynolds 12th *NW Sectional Cut*
Lauren Halle 13th
Searra Sandlin 16th
Lauren McWilliams 21st
Justin Tran 3rd *NW Sectional Cut*
Joseph Park 7th *NW Sectional Cut*

100m Butterfly:
Adriel Huerta 24th

400m Freestyle:
Lauren Halle 19th
Zach Posniack 19th
Nick Quon 22nd
Austin Halle 23rd

400m Freestyle Relay:
Bley, Rincon, Grijalva, Halle 9th
Wilson, Sandlin, Hart, Kreiser 21st
Richardson, Rotert, Billington, Franco 22nd
Huerta, Benz, Ripley, Held 7th
Park, Handly, Roggenstein, Quon 10th
Quattrocchi, Martinez, Clark, Tran 18th
Gorman, Halle, Posniack, Qian 21st

100m Breaststroke:
Ashley Grijalva 6th *NW Sectional Cut*
Raevin Richardson 7th *NW Sectional Cut*
Searra Sandlin 15th
Lauren Halle 16th
Justin Tran 6th *NW Sectional Cut*
Joseph Park 12th *NW Sectional Cut*

200m Backstroke:
Lauren Halle 15th
Erik Ripley 6th *NW Sectional Cut*
Nick Quon 8th *NW Sectional Cut*
Dieter Benz 17th
Joseph Park 23rd

400m IM:
Ashley Grijalva 6th
Sammy Kreiser 10th
Lauren Halle 16th
Emily Bley 17th
Lauren McWilliams 23rd
Justin Tran 3rd *NW Sectional Cut*
Joseph Park 7th
Trey Roggenstein 13th

800m Free Relay:
Rotert, McWilliams, Sandlin, Kreiser 16th
Benz, Huerta, Martinez, Roggenstein 5th *Team Record*
Posniack, Quon, Tran, Ripley 6th
Park, Handly, Halle, Quattrocchi 16th

50m Free:
Byron Held 19th *NW Sectional Cut*

200m Butterfly:
Sammy Kreiser 5th *NW Sectional Cut*
Ashley Grijalva 12th
Lauren McWilliams 15th
Justin Tran 6th *NW Sectional Cut*
Austin Halle 8th
Andrew Gorman 20th

100m Backstroke:
Lauren Halle 23rd
Cameron Clark 10th *NW Sectional Cut*
Nick Quon 11th
Dieter Benz 12th
Joseph Park 18th

200m IM:
Ashley Grijalva 7th
Lauren Halle 10th
Raevin Richardson 14th
Adriel Huerta 8th
Justin Tran 9th *NW Sectional Cut*
Joseph Park 11th *NW Sectional Cut*
Nick Quon 16th
Cameron Clark 17th
Trey Roggenstein 18th

Women’s 800m Freestyle:
Maren Rincon 3rd *NW Sectional Cut*
Emily Bley 4th
Alexa Rotert 19th
Lauren McWilliams 20th
Kendra Wiebers 21st

Men’s 1500m Freestyle:
Zach Posniack 1st *NW Sectional Cut*
Clark Quattrocchi 18th

400m Medley Relay:
Bley, Grijalva, Kreiser, Rincon 4th
Halle, Richardson, Holly, Wilson 7th
Sandlin, Reynolds, Hart, Franco 17th
Ripley, Tran, Huerta, Benz 4th
Quon, Roggenstein, Martinez, Held 7th
Clark, Park, Halle, Handly 10th


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