Tips and Tricks for your 1st Swim Meet

As we close out Winter and welcome Spring, swim meet season draws near. Swim meets are a critical component of the Development Team Program here at Rio Swim Club. We host swim meets once per month where upwards of 300 swimmers from across the East Valley compete in all 4 stroke disciplines. These swim meets offer the opportunity for coaches to assess how training goals are being met, how swimmers individual stroke work / technique is improving under racing conditions and its a great tool for swimmers to see how they stack up against other swimmers their own age. Swim meets are also a fun and exciting time for swimmers to meet new friends and compete against their teammates. 

Here a few tips and tricks from our wonderful Rio Coaches to make your 1st Meet Fun and Exciting

Check your email  – All of our meet programs are emailed out prior to the swim meet. We also post them on our Rio Website. The program will list the order of events, the heats and the lanes for all swimmers.

Be Prepared – Have your suit, cap, goggles and your water bottle ready

Check in – Upon arrival, head to the white tent next to the pool. Our Rio Coaches will be there to greet you, show you how to read the program, answer any questions you have and get your swimmer ready to swim.

Talk to your Coach – See your coach prior to your race to get specific feedback on which events you are competing in

Have Fun – This is by far the most important aspect. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable sport. Smile a lot and race really fast.

We are here to make your swim meet experience as stress free as possible. Talk to your swimmers’ coach with any questions and we will see you on the pool deck!

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