IM Turns and Transitions using Dolphin Kicks

Welcome back to our 2nd and final installment of our Summer Coaches Video Blog series focusing on Starts and Turns. Last month, Coach Dee showed us some basic things we could do at practice or even at home, to improve our Starts off the Block. This Month, Coach Andrea wraps up our Summer Blog Series with IM (Individual Medley) Turns and the importance of Dolphin Kicking off the walls. Below are two videos that breakdown the turns and the importance of using your Dolphin Kicks to maximize your distance and power off the walls. Enjoy!

Video #1 – IM Turns and Transitions

Video #2 – Underwater Dolphin Kicking: The 5th Competitive Stroke

– Coach Andrea

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  • Posted at 3:00pm on Jan 31, 2011

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