Pre-Competitive Coach’s Corner – February 2013


What can I do at home to get stronger and swim faster? This is the question that Coach Bob and I are presented with on a weekly basis. At the Pre-Competitive sites; Gilbert, Hamilton, Queen Creek and Spectrum, we do not offer a Dryland Program. For our Pre Competitive team, more than 200 swimmers and families in our program with ages ranging from 5-15 years of age, this is a challenge that must be met at home. Limited practice time, cramped deck space, and with the sheer number of swimmers at various age ranges, we are unable to provide a Dryland component to our Swimming Program. This does not mean that we should avoid strength and conditioning outside of the pool. According to Keenan Robinson, Michael Phelps Strength and Conditioning Coach, “a multi-faceted approach to athletic development and early emphasis on the right kinds of dryland training’” is absolutely key. Coach Bob and I have compiled a list of exercises for you to do to help build swimming strength when you are away from the pool.

For Younger Swimmers:

– Sit ups and Crunches to work on Core Strength
– Planking; for short time spans ie. 10-15 seconds
– Plyometrics (jumping rope, box jumps, standing broad jump, etc.)
– Flutter Kicks on back (10-15 seconds)
– Running and Bike riding are also good for building Kinesthetic Awareness
– playing games like Tag, Kickball, and Ultimate Frisbee help to develop early
coordination and agility

For Pre-Teen and Teenage Swimmers:

There are two areas that we need to address for our Teens; Strength and Conditioning.

Strength Training:
– Squats (both with and without weight)
– Medicine Balls (trunk twists, sit ups, overhead ball toss, etc.)
– Stretch Bands (rows, fly’s, simulated stroke motions, etc.)

– Plyometrics (jumping rope, box jumps, standing broad jump, etc.), Explosive
– Pushups and Burpees (push up then explode upward to a jump on or over an object)
– Shuttle runs or short Sprints
– Planks (30-60 second intervals)
– Flutter Kicks on back (20-30 second intervals)
– Running up Hills and Stairs

For all exercises, regardless of age, proper body position or alignment are critical. Failure to maintain proper alignment could result in injury. Please monitor all swimmers, young and old, when a Dryland Program is initiated.

Coach Patrick

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