Pre-Competitve Coach’s Corner – December 2011

Things to Remember for Cold Weather Swimming


As we transition from Fall into Winter here in Arizona, Coach Bob and I have some suggestions about how to keep our Athletes warm and comfortable as the temperatures outside begin to drop.

Essential Cold Weather Swimming Items:

Bring a Hat:

Cover your head at all times especially when it is wet. After practice, try to towel dry your hair as much as possible and then put on a hat. Beanies, wool caps, or hooded sweatshirts are recommended.

Cover Your Toes:

Have something on your feet before and after practice. This means Socks and Shoes. Coach Bob and I would recommend boots. Slip on boots are the best. You can wear them, your parka and a hat up to the blocks until the start of practice. Then they’re readily available the conclusion of practice.

Don’t Forget your Fingers:

Wearing a pair of gloves or mittens will help to keep your extremities warm.

Dry Towels:

Have an extra towel available. Sometimes 1 towel is not enough. They get wet, they get dropped, things happen. An extra towel is also a great way to keep your body wrapped up as you towel dry your hair.

Jackets and Parkas:

It never hurts to have an extra layer on during the Winter Season. A blanket can also be an option for the colder evenings.

Food and Drinks for Cold Weather:

The hour or so before practice is an essential time to begin fueling our swimmers. Swimmers should be drinking some fresh fruit or vegetable juice and supplementing that with some fresh fruits or vegetables before they arrive on deck. Whole grains are another great choice an hour before we begin. Bagels, breads, english muffins etc are great choices. It is also important to re-fuel within an hour of practice. A well-balanced meal including juices, fruits, and vegetables, should be on the table after practice has finished.

The most important thing we can give our Swimmers, above and beyond the aforementioned list, is WATER. Hydrate early and often during the winter. This includes during practice. Have a water bottle on deck at all times.

See you all on deck this month.

– Coach Patrick

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